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Essilor Single Vision High Index Lens

Essilor Single Vision High Index Lens

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Polarized Progressive Lens

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Zeiss Single Vision High Index Lens

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Description of Zeiss Single Vision High Index Lens:

Zeiss High Index Lenses epitomize the forefront of optical innovation, meticulously crafted by Zeiss, a brand renowned worldwide for its uncompromising commitment to precision and quality. These lenses are engineered with advanced high-index materials that excel in bending light more efficiently than traditional lens materials. As a result, Zeiss High Index Lenses are remarkably thin and lightweight, offering a sleek and elegant eyewear solution that enhances both visual clarity and comfort.

Ideal for individuals with higher prescriptions, Zeiss High Index Lenses minimize lens thickness while maximizing visual acuity. They provide a sophisticated and modern appearance, making them perfect for those who prioritize both functionality and style in their eyewear. Whether you’re navigating the demands of daily life or pursuing your passions, Zeiss lenses ensure minimal distortion and superior image sharpness, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience.

Embrace the pinnacle of optical technology with Zeiss High Index Lenses, where innovation meets craftsmanship to redefine how you see the world.

**  It is a customized order lens
** At least half of the payment needs to be upfront.
** EMI facilities available for all eligible credit card holders. Minimum Purchase amount 5,000/=
** COD not available for Outside Dhaka.

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