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ZEISS Office lenses

Offering you a complete portfolio of computer/office lenses that allows easy personalization to preferred working distances.

ZEISS Office lens offer clear and relaxed vision from near reading distances to intermediate range.

It’s an excellent choice for people who spend many hours in front of screens.

ZEISS Office lens will give you crisp, clear vision and are available in the three working distances:

  1. ZEISS Office lens Book: Widest fields of clear vision out to 3 feet (100cm).
  2. ZEISS Office lens Desk: Wide fields of view out to 7 feet (200 cm).
  3. ZEISS Office lens Room: For indoor or closer-range outdoor activities out to 14 feet (400 cm).

Wearing Officelens glasses results in more natural head and neck posture, providing complete comfort all day long.

ZEISS Office lens: Available designs

ZEISS Office lens are available in three different designs to provide relaxed and clear vision for near and intermediate vision:

  • ZEISS Office lens Book
  • ZEISS Office lens Desk
  • ZEISS Office lens Room

They are ideal for lens wearers experiencing problems with:

  • Clear and  comfortable  near  vision
  • Peripheral distortions
  • Limited 3D vision

How you benefit

A tailor-made colleague!

  • Clear, sharply focused vision in the close and intermediate ranges with large fields of vision.
  • This ensures relaxed, natural vision in the office and in any other tasks you perform in the near to intermediate ranges.
  • The best solution for a comfortable posture and head position which prevents neck, back and shoulder strain.
  • These lenses are designed to assist you and your visual behavior both at work and in your leisure time.
  • ZEISS lenses for the workplace can be tailored to your individual vision needs in the near and intermediate ranges.***Price of imported lens must be paid fully in advance.


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