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Description of Crizal Essidrive Lens

– Driving glasses are the ones which are particularly meant to reduce the glare when driving on the road. Therefore, you can see objects and people in low lighting and clearly see road directions. Driving glasses are not just meant for night driving but also for day time driving, helping you focus on people and objects better, even in the dark. Additionally, driving glasses also act like sunglasses and protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, which can cause damage to your eyes with excessive exposure.

Why Do You Need Driving Glasses?
– A common distraction for drivers in the morning is glare, which is defined as a bright shining light. You may know glare as what occurs when sun reflects off the hood of your car and into your eyes, or when bright lights suddenly shine out in the dark, causing you to feel temporarily blinded. To prevent accidents, anti-glare coatings like Crizal, on your lenses eliminates glare from your vision.

Driving at night or in low lighting can be particularly dangerous, as objects can fade into the darkness and bright lights can jump out of nowhere, disrupting your vision. However, there are lens coatings that are optimised for low light conditions making it easier to drive at night.

Do Driving Glasses Really Help?
– Driving glasses are glasses that are specially designed to help you on the road by cutting down on glare, allowing you to pick up objects in low lighting, and providing you with optimal vision through the day and the night.

Feature of Crizal Essidrive
– Repels dust particles for clearer vision and easy to clean lenses
– Repels bothersome smudges for visual clarity and easy to clean lenses
– Scratch resistant : ensuring clear vision, guaranteed for 2 years*
– Lenses will reflect UVA and UVB light
– Repels water droplets so lenses stay clear
– Up to 90% less reflections when driving at night(1). Comfortable vision and improved visual acuity
Are Driving Glasses Right For You?
– If you find yourself struggling to see objects in low lighting while driving or if you have ever experienced temporary blindness from glare during the day or night, our special driving glasses may help protect your eyes and be more focused on the road. We recommend you speak to your eye care practitioner to see if these could work for you.

**Imported Lens, takes 15-25 working days to deliver, At least half of the payment needs to be upfront.
** EMI facilities available for all eligible credit card holders. Minimum Purchase amount 5,000/=
**COD not available for Outside Dhaka.

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