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Description of ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

The Latest Generation of Blue Light Protection for more Visual Comfort and Aesthetics

A common disadvantage of many blue light blocking solutions are irritating and disturbing reflections in the lens surface. Such reflections can cause cosmetic irritation to the observer and distract the wearer. As blue light blocking properties now are incorporated into the lens material, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses – a premium anti-reflection coating with its subtle blue residual reflection, ensures the wearer does not get annoyed by irritating reflections and the eyes are clearly visible behind the lenses.

Compared to the current blue light coating ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect, the reflections of digital blue light are reduced by up to 50 percent. The result is high lens clarity with significantly lower visible reflections of digital blue light.content blueguard 1 orig
More protection
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While the scientific discussion about blue light hazards continues, ZEISS BlueGuard incorporates the latest organic-chemical technology to make the blue light blocking an integral part of the chemical structure of the lens material. As a result, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses block up to 40 percent of potentially harmful blue light in the wavelength between 400 and 455 nm. Based on proven UVProtect technology, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses additionally ensure full UV protection up to 400 nm

Preventing digital eye strain when using digital devices
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“Digital screens and indoor LED lighting emit a higher proportion of blue light than traditional incandescent or halogen-type light bulbs. In addition, we are often exposed to this blue light for long periods of time, often until late at night at short visual distances. This combination of excessive near work and chromatic intraocular challenges linked to blue light strains the eye muscles & can contribute to visual discomfort such as digital eye strain,” explains Dr. Christian Lappe, Director Technical Communication at ZEISS.
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BlueGuard Lenses from ZEISS block a part of the blue light spectrum that could exacerbate symptoms of digital eye strain, including tired eyes, blurred vision, sleep disturbances and dry or irritated eyes. The positive properties of blue light, ranging from about 455 to 500 nm, remain unaffected.

​”By reducing glare, our new material-based approach contributes to preventing strain on the eyes and provides comfortable, relaxed vision and increased contrast,” he adds. All in all, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses are designed for all-day use and offer an additional comfort aspect that reduces eye strain and allows relaxed working conditions.

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Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses

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