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Shamir Transitions Signature Gen 8 Lens

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Zeiss Progressive Precision Plus Lenses

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Zeiss Progressive Precision Pure Lenses

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Innovation behind ZEISS Progressive Precision Lenses Technology explained.


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ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure

Optimised for the eyes: digital devices have become part of our customers’ daily lives. It requires a closer reading distance than books or other printed materials.


  • technology clearoptics

    ZEISS Clear Optics

    ZEISS Precision for sharp vision thanks to high precision gained from advanced eye-modelling research, with point-by-point calculation and advanced freeform production.

  • technology dynamicoptics

    ZEISS Dynamic Optics

    ZEISS design philosophy for strain-free and dynamic vision with fast focus in any distance and direction.

  • technology uvprotect

    ZEISS UVProtect Technology

    A higher level of UV protection, which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400 nm. This is the same standard of UV protection premium sunglasses provide.

  • technology thinoptics

    ZEISS Thin Optics

    ZEISS lens aesthetics for the best balance between optics and thin, lightweight lenses.

  • technology digitalinside

    ZEISS Digital Inside Technology

    This technology enables relaxed and sharper vision during frequent usage of digital devices. This rapid transition to the near zone allows customers to view digital devices with minimal head/eye movement.

  • technology facefit

    ZEISS FaceFit Technology

    Matches the unique facial anatomy for full potential of lens zones.

  • technology framefit

    ZEISS FrameFit+ Technology

    Optimised lens performance in any frame.

  • technology adaptationcontrol

    ZEISS Adaptation Control Technology

    Takes the eye declination (vertical eye movement behaviour) into account. It compares the previous frame with the new fitting height and addition power in order to create a convenient eye declination and near zone location.

  • technology individualfit

    ZEISS IndividualFit Technology

    IndividualFitTM Technology takes the individual’s main daily activities into account and provides a choice of three lens designs to suit the wearer’s needs: near design, intermediate design or balanced design.

  • technology luminance design

    ZEISS Luminance Design Technology

    Luminance DesignTM Technology factors in an average pupil size of 3.3 mm. It calculates the lens design bundle by bundle for more natural vision.

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