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Crizal Prevencia 1

Crizal Prevencia Lens

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Transitions Signature Gen 8 Lens

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Xperio: Polarized Prescription Lens

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Xperio: Polarized Prescription Lens from Essilor. Xperio is best known for fight against glare visible in our everyday life. Whoever wants a high-quality powered sunglasses lens, this is the lens to choose

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Description of Xperio: Polarized Prescription Lens


® polarised sun lenses eliminate blinding reflected glare, to offer you greater visual comfort, excellent clarity of vision, better reaction time and improved performance in whatever you do.

Reflections can affect many surfaces such as water, glass, grass and metallic surfaces.

Prolonged exposure to reflection and sunlight can lead to visual fatigue and discomfort. Reflections can also contribute to an increased risk of accidents while driving due to slower reaction time.

“Discover Clarity and Comfort with Essilor Xperio Polarized Sun Lenses”

Are you tired of struggling with glare and visual discomfort while enjoying outdoor activities?

Look no further than Essilor Xperio polarized sun lenses, designed to provide the ultimate solution for your visual needs.

These lenses eliminate reflections and glare, improving your reaction time and performance, while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

As a leading provider of eyewear solutions, Essilor is proud to offer Xperio polarized sun lenses. With polarized technology, scratch-resistant coating, and a lightweight design, these lenses are the ideal choice for anyone seeking improved vision and protection in bright, sunny conditions. Whether you need a prescription or non-prescription pair, Xperio™ lenses are a reliable and convenient option for all your visual needs.

Key Features of Xperio™ Polarized Sun Lenses:

Polarized Technology: Reduces glare for improved visual comfort.
100% UVA and UVB Protection: Protects your eyes from harmful rays.
Scratch-resistant Coating: Adds protection and longevity to your lenses.
Lightweight and Thin: Comfortable to wear and suitable for a variety of frame styles.
Prescription and Non-Prescription Options: Suitable for a wide range of visual needs.

***Price of imported lens must be paid fully in advance.

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