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Shamir Blue Zero A lens with buit in protection from blue light

Shamir Glacier UV Blue Zero™ Lens

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Crizal® Blue UV Capture™ Lens


Crizal® Blue UV Capture™ offers complete protection in an all-in-one solution. Achieve visual clarity and comfort with protection against the 7 enemies of clear vision: Reflections, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV & harmful blue-violet light.

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Description of Crizal® Blue UV Capture™ Lens

Blue UV Capture™ : a new “in-the-mass” absorption solution against UV & Blue-Violet light in an optimal clear lens.

The Blue UV Capture™ lens innovation is designed to protect the eyes against UV rays (100% UV cut from a front angle in all materials[1]) and blue-violet light (up to 3 times more protections than regular prescription lenses[2]) while letting essential light pass through.

This solution was conceived to find the optimal balance between protection from noxious light and lens clarity in all lens materials.

For 1.5 material, Blue UV Capture™ features a new nanotechnology developed by Essilor R&D in order to have an optimal clear lens in this substrate too.

As protection is critical to ocular health management, Essilor strives to offer innovative and appropriate solutions to everybody. Drawing on more than 20 years of expertise and supportive cutting-edge technologies, Essilor today introduces Blue UV Capture™, a lens innovation that offers all wearers efficient everyday protection against harmful light.

1. HARMFUL BLUE-VIOLET LIGHT PROTECTION: Smart filtering blocks out harmful blue-violet light while letting beneficial light pass through.
2. OPTIMAL BALANCE BETWEEN HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION AND LENS CLARITY: Aesthetically transparent lens with low residual tint.
3. UV PROTECTION: Protect your eyes from UV rays on both sides of the lens.

Smart filtering blocks out harmful blue-violet light while letting beneficial light pass through. Beneficial light in the form of blue-turquoise light is essential for our well-being as it regulates the body’s circadian rhythm and boosts cognitive performance and mood. Up to 3 times more protective against harmful blue-violet light than regular prescription lenses.

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