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Description of Zeiss PhotoFusion X Lenses

ZEISS PhotoFusion X is an all-in-one photochromic solution. The lenses are extremely light-reactive so it goes dark and fades back quickly. Blue light protection is also embedded in the lens material, and on top of that, it gives the wearer full UV protection.
Get all-in-one: unique blue light and full UV protection outside and indoors.

Blue light protection is built into the photochromic glasses with our ZEISS BlueGuard lens material. Combined with the light-reactive photocoat, it blocks up to 50% of potentially harmful blue light indoors and up to 94% outdoors when fully tinted. It also provides full protection against UV radiation at all times.
Why did ZEISS develop PhotoFusion® X Lenses? It answers our customers’ daily needs.


Changing environmental light conditions challenge the human eye. When moving from indoors to outdoors, illuminance can be up to 100 times higher outside, which can lead to discomfort glare.

Swopping clear glasses for sunglasses can be a hassle. On top of that, sunglasses are not always at hand – less than 22 % of consumers actually wear their sunglasses when they need them.

Internet searches for “blue block glasses” are soaring and 8 out of 10 lens wearers are saying that it is important to protect their eyes from blue light – especially indoors.

Photochromics re-envisioned.

ZEISS PhotoFusion has been the preferred choice of many eye care professionals for their reaction speed. Now, in light of the growing demand, ZEISS set out to take light-reactive lenses to a whole new level with ZEISS PhotoFusion X.

ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses are available in many different colours and multiple indexes, and come standard in ZEISS BlueGuard lens material.

Available with any ZEISS DuraVision coating in Rx.
Available with ZEISS DuraVision Flash mirrors in Rx.
Available in five colours in Rx and in 3 colours in FSV.

**Imported Lens, takes 15-25 working days to deliver, At least half of the payment needs to be upfront.
** EMI facilities available for all eligible credit card holders. Minimum Purchase amount 5,000/=
**COD not available for Outside Dhaka.

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