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What is Crizal Easy Pro?

Dirty lenses should not get in the way of your dynamic lifestyle. Your eyeglasses are your unfailing partner; your window to see the world.

Makeup, fingerprints, hair, pollution and rain are some of the obstacles that you face every day to maintain a clear vision. But from now on, cleaning your eyeglasses will no longer be a chore…

No matter what comes your way, Crizal® EasyPro coating is the perfect ally for your dynamic lifestyle.

Why Choose Crizal Easy Pro Coating?

# 3x easier to clean than premium competitors after extensive smudging.

Benefits of Crizal Easy Pro coating

1. Anti-reflective: Reduces distracting reflections from lights

2. Easy to clean: Repels water & dust and resists to smudges, so your lens stays clear for longer

3. UV protection: Offers full protection against the invisible and often irreversible day-to-day dangers of UV reflection

4. Scratch resistance: Handles everyday usage scratches that may result from wiping the lens with the wrong cleaning cloth


How are Crizal EasyPro lenses so resistant to smudges? It’s science—and a special treatment. Our patented HSD Process™ (which stands for High Surface Density™ Process) is a unique technology that optimizes the performance of the anti-smudge treatment while increasing the density of the hydrophobic and oleophobic molecules on the surface of the lens.

The result? Grease and water are repelled and the lenses stay cleaner and clearer longer. Enjoy superior smudge resistance and effortless cleaning with Crizal EasyPro lenses.

**Blue UV Capture available with: 1.50, 1.56, 1.59, 1.60, 1.67 indexes

**Clear lens available with: 1.56 index

***Price of imported lens must be paid fully in advance.

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1.50, 1.56, 1.59, 1.60, 1.67

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